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The smells of death

This is my 300th blog post.  In a strange undefinable way I have been eyeing this number as some sort of meaningful milestone, so I am oddly motivated to publicly mark it as such.   It’s been a quiet weekend … Continue reading

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Swallowing a spoon-fed lie

As I was diligently working at my “day job” today I had a google alert come into my email notifying me another piece on H5N1 had “hit the net”.  Being somewhat a strange mix of ADD/OCD of course I opened … Continue reading

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H5N1 assumptions, the good, the ugly, and the who knows

Interestingly, at least to me, is our collective willingness to believe, without question, assumptions based on a past event, an event that is for the most part only understood via assumptions and empirical data, over data coming out of our current labs underpinned with our greater scientific and continually evolving understanding. And that, more than anything, is what nominates this post for the Poverty of aspect category. Continue reading

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