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A bit of good news

More information was released today that supports the earlier hints of AH1N1-2009 not being an entirely novel virus for all of us. Study Explains Immunity to H1N1 in Older People [Excerpted] By Julie Steenhuysen Reuters Older people who have been … Continue reading

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Fatty diet and memory

My short-term memory has always been less than stellar. Often it has been nearly non-existent, at least for what I have always called “casually acquired information”. I have taken higher doses of omega 3 for several years and that always … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand Influenza

Those who concern themselves with influenza understand one thing above all others: We know very little and the more we manage to learn the more we understand how very little we know. One of the world’s preeminent influenza experts, Dr. … Continue reading

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