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Deadly Serious Ignorance – and proud of it too

Being a vocal proponent of vaccines in general, the pandemic influenza vaccine as well, I sometimes run afoul of those who have swallowed the lies and propaganda spread by the anti-vaccine lobby. This weekend found me embroiled in a particularly … Continue reading

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H1N1 2009: Vaccines and antiviral resistance

Yesterday brought news of two cases of Tamiflu resistant H1N1 2009 in the US and one in Singapore. It also brought the first authoritative news that our first delivery of vaccines for H1N1 2009 will be considerably less than first … Continue reading

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Straw poll of influenza experts

I’m always curious to know what the experts are thinking when it comes to influenza, well, it’s interesting to me, and I’m sure the others around Flublogia are equally curious.  As to whether anyone else might be, most days I … Continue reading

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