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Deadly Serious Ignorance – and proud of it too

Being a vocal proponent of vaccines in general, the pandemic influenza vaccine as well, I sometimes run afoul of those who have swallowed the lies and propaganda spread by the anti-vaccine lobby. This weekend found me embroiled in a particularly … Continue reading

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A child’s death

This evening has news of a 10 year old Fairbanks Alaska boy suspected of succumbing to an infection of H1N1 2009 [swine flu]. Excerpt from Anchorage Daily News: Swine flu suspected in Alaska child’s death By LISA DEMER ldemer@adn.com (09/05/09 … Continue reading

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Even if it had been true

The “as it happens” nature of the internet is, for the most part, a wonderful thing, especially if one happens to be an “information junkie” such as myself.  It doesn’t come without its downside, however.  Sometimes initial reports are just … Continue reading

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