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Viral Sovereignty

I, along with my fellow PanFlu bloggers [see sidebar] have repeatedly commented on this issue, and I welcomed this piece by two rather “Big Hitters”, Mr. Holbrooke and Ms. Garrett. My first post on “viral sovereignty”, Viral Cold War, expresses my own, still operative, opinions on the issue. Continue reading

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Viral Cold War

So, as I may have been able to demonstrate in my own clumsy, rambling way, a severe influenza pandemic is a national security issue, as such it affords the world a certain interest over and above the sanctity of national sovereignty. Stated another way: When millions, or 10′s of millions, or 100′s of millions of lives are at stake Indonesia, or any other country for that matter, has no right to claim ownership (a tenuous claim…at best) over viral samples of H5N1. There is no more right than a country has to develop nuclear weapons to threaten… or use… against its neighbor, an action that at least certain governments will not allow, or at minimum make one hell of an effort to prevent. Continue reading

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