New Zealand investigates 52 more suspect cases of Swine Flu


Swine flu: 52 more cases [Suspect]


New Zealand officials are investigating a further 52 suspected cases of swine flu as the World Health Organisation said there was now a significantly increased risk of an influenza pandemic.

The new cases all involve people who have visited Mexico or the United States in the last few weeks and who have presented with flu-like symptoms.

Soon it will be impractical to report on “suspected” cases, but while we can it’s informative to watch the process and track the spread.

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2 Responses to New Zealand investigates 52 more suspect cases of Swine Flu

  1. Phillip Huggan says:

    I dunno, maybe it is the elevation that causes low humidity. Elevation makes pneumonia more deadly. Mexico City and San Luis Potosi have high elevations. Not so much Baja Mexico and IDK about Oaxaca, but the majority of deaths are Mexico City.
    The origination in Mexico is a complicating factor, but people aren’t dying because they are Mexican, they are dying because they live at high altitude in Mexico City. These cities would be most at risk if global Swine Flu outbreak:
    The severely sickened women in California with a weakened immune system developed diarrhea but *not* pneumonia. If she lived at altitude I bet she would’ve died of pneumonia.

    Still corrollaries with first Spanish Flu wave so want vaccine and want to wipe out this weak “wave” and/or animal reservoir ASAP to avoid replaying fall 1919 second wave.

  2. SophiaZoe says:


    Thanks for the information… I’d not heard of the elevation issue before. Hummm… I live at sea level with high summer humidity, maybe this year I won’t complain so loudly in July and August.