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About Us


The Chronicle has evolved over more than 100 years into Montana’s fifth largest newspaper.

The newspapers that eventually became today’s Chronicle started with Bozeman’s first, the Montana Pick & Plow in 1869. That soon changed hands and title to the Avant Courier. A competing paper, the Bozeman Times, perhaps had the most notable “scoop” of the day: “Custer’s Battle and Death” was the headline for the Extra edition produced on July 3, 1876.

The Avant Courier absorbed the Bozeman Times in 1877 and by 1883 a competing Bozeman Weekly Chronicle was started. On Dec. 4, 1911, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle was launched and Bozeman became the nation’s smallest city to carry a full Associated Press report daily. The Chronicle bought the Avant Courier in 1954, making Bozeman a one-newspaper town.

By 1981, the paper shifted to afternoon deliveries and introduced computers to their production process. Fifteen years later, on April 1, 1996, it shifted back to mornings and introduced a website. The following year, on June 7, the first Saturday edition was published.

Today, the Chronicle is published by Big Sky Publishing LLC and is owned by Adams Publishing Group. It has a print circulation of about 15,000 and a total audience, including online readers, of more than 51,000. The Chronicle boasts the number one website in southwest Montana with more than 1 million page views per month. The paper now offers an array of digital marketing services in addition to total market coverage with its print products. It publishes Tuesday through Sunday.


Bozeman is an eclectic Rocky Mountain town of 50,000 people known for its scenery, year-round recreational opportunities and growing economy. The town is home to Montana State University and an array of technology companies, retailers and entrepreneurs. With a thriving historic downtown, Bozeman offers plenty for arts and culture lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts. And, it’s only a short drive to Yellowstone National Park.

Our Mission

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is committed to:

  • Being the leader in providing information while maintaining truth, integrity and quality.
  • Innovation.
  • Maintaining our independence.

Tour the Chronicle

Let us show you around! Tours of our building and printing plant may be arranged by calling 587-4491. Tours may be scheduled Monday through Friday and generally take about 40 minutes.

For more information see the contact us page.